Welcome to BHA Houston. Together, we share the responsibility and the privilege of passing on the rich heritage of faith and providing the educational excellence each child deserves. By choosing to send your son or daughter to our school, you have demonstrated your trust in us. For this, and for the many ways you show your support and spirit of cooperation, we are grateful.

When your son or daughter comes to school each morning on time, well rested and neatly dressed, we know you care. Family prayer before breakfast will give your child the physical and spiritual strength needed throughout the day. At the end of each day, your genuine interest in school activities will reinforce positive attitudes. Please provide a time and place for homework assignments and insist that they be completed. Your words and your example shows how much you value this school experience and can be an inspiration to your sons or daughters.

If you have volunteered your services in past school activities, you know how valuable such help can be. We urge you to participate as much as you can. Any skill or talent you can share with us will enrich our school community. If job responsibilities prevent active presence at school, your prayers, your encouragement and your vocal support are still very important to us.

Like you, we want what is best for your son or daughter and for all the students at our school. Together, we can make this year rich in experiences that lead to mental, moral, and spiritual growth.



Dr. Iram Shaikh-Jilani



I am the proud principal of BHA Houston. My love for educating others and being a forever learner had started at a very young age. When in HS, in Orlando, Florida, I was given an opportunity to teach Spanish to senior citizens. I pursed my Bachelor’s in Education from Florida Atlantic University in 1997. Taking a pause in my career, I was awarded the opportunity by Allah SWT to be a Mom of 4 beautiful children. I returned to education teaching middle school in Cypress Fairbanks independent School district. Later, I switched districts and was given the opportunity to teach middle school and then an instructional coach for Klein ISD. I pursued my Master’s degree from Lamar university in Teacher Leadership and then a second one in administration. 


This is my first year as a BHA principal. Many stakeholders are working hard to prepare future leaders with civil responsibility and citizenship through teaching and hands-on experiences. We are educating the child holistically focusing on spiritual, mental well-being, behavioral excellence, physical fitness and academic success along with being culturally responsive to all. 


I believe we can do these things and many more by building a legacy that we are all proud of. I am grateful and encouraged by what we have achieved so far, but we still have much more work to do so the future will be everything that we have imagined it to be.  Continuous improvement in all areas is extremely an important aspect I value. Relying on the village is crucial as we promote and inspire future leaders of tomorrow,



Insha Allah (God willing).

Aisha Ansari


Our Philosophy

 Brighter Horizons Academy aims to develop practicing faith based leaders who are lifelong learners that serve their diverse community and global society as respectful citizens. “Our mission will be achieved through educational excellence within a healthy learning environment and strong collaboration with positive interaction among school, students, parents, and community."

Why BHA?

BHA Houston and Spring Educational Foundation (SEF) are non-profit organizations committed to establishing a private school in Spring, Texas focused on academic success, responsible governance and financially sound practices with in a proper environment, facility and resources.


BHA Houston vision is a model educational institution that produces generations of leaders to be successful in this life and the Hereafter.

© 2020 by BHA Houston School

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