The Integrated Quran Hifdth program (IQHP) is a unique program which focuses on Quran memorization, arabic and hadith without sacrificing the importance of secular education. Our Arabic classes are taught by qualified professionals to ensure students can understand the book of Allah. Our goal for the IQHP program is to infuse the love for the book of Allah and his Messenger using the prophetic method. 

  • 1 to 12 ratio between Teacher and Student for Hifdh. 

Hifdh Teachers

  • Hafiz Hamza Ghia

  • Hafiz Yousuf Rassool

  • Hafiza Sadia Rizwana

  • Arabic learning by Dr. Muthanna Khalil

  • Islamic Studies by Shaykh Hamza Ghia, Shaykh Yousuf Rassool and Shaykh Osman Fuad

  • General Secular Education

Facilitators for each subject present to help students through their academics. Time 4Learning is a flexible, online curriculum that can be tailored to our student’s individual needs. The comprehensive award-winning curriculum allows students to study confidently and excel at their own pace, making it ideal for all kinds of learners, whether they are mainstream, gifted or special needs. It provides tools and resources students need to build skills and confidence in the core subjects like math, language arts, science, and social studies. 

  • Special programs to help build their Tarbiya, connection with the religion, and create students of knowledge

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